Working in a male-dominated setting like banking or high-tech industry, women realize the importance of acceptable dress code. As we strive towards  perfectionism and try to fit in to be accepted by our peers, we sometimes need to trade off our real self to be taken seriously in the workforce. It means putting our feminine clothing on the side and transforming into suits or uniforms dictated by the industry, environment or by our perceptions.


During my corporate career, I would get a question: 

"How do you manage to stay so feminine?"


This question had an unspoken second part:

"Without being afraid of judgment." 


Yes, it’s expectation and judgment that is on the cover of our perceptions. 


I decided to answer this question many of my woman colleagues in the corporate world face and create a brand which provides a fully customized experience that is authentic and real. 

Jil's is about taking women through a journey. This journey is about celebration and empowerment of our femininity. With Jil's one of a kind dress collection, our style and design are an accurate reflection of our clients' inner beauty.  As there is no two identical self, we never repeat dresses and exclusivity belong to the owner.


 So are you ready to start your journey with us?