January 03, 2023

Our concierge serves as a central hub to define and build a strong personal brand. Package consists out of coaching -Psychological - lifestyle and a personalized styling. We use fashion as a tool to create external brand Self image .

Team of professional coaches, designers, stylists will help you to design tailored package for you either in all three areas (Psychology, lifestyle, style) or individual category. 

Our model YOU is totally in-house made . We build the model after a deep research and assessment of our customer segment. The core of the model is YOU and it goes into kNow- Mind, cAre-Body, sHow-Image

Connect to us to learn about more details. First consultation is free of charge

                                                                         Sample Package:


1.Assessment : Wheel of life 

2.Future life wheel :Focus 

3.Goals setting 


5.Follow up session 


1.Assessment: Wheel of lifestyle 

2.Health: Hair /DNA test 

3.Nutrition: Program 

4.Sport: Personal training  program 

5.Follow up session 


1.Assessment: Wheel of style

2. Etiquette/ Posture -Confidence

3. Business & Social protocol

4. Networking skill 

5. Wardrobe design (3 items inc)

A la carte:

DISC 360 assessment 



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