YOU is the coaching model designed by Elegant Confidence - Image & Etiquette consulting company. 

The model emphasizes on Self awareness , lifestyle and personal branding using NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming ), EI (Emotional Intelligence), Etiquette and other tools in the process. 

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 This part is dedicated to self discovery, identification and awareness. The team uses NLP and Emotional Intelligence along with other coaching tools. The result is   increased self-awareness and confidence to  present true YOU.

We believe in body and mind connection therefore we look at your current routine and help you to design healthy lifestyle based on your daily schedule. This involves healthy nutrition, sport, sleep and wellness retreats.


To create right perceptions and brand YOU we use two main layers:

Style- Create customize style that reflect your self identity. Work with you in designing wardrobe inclusive necessary items and accessory for business and personal occasions.  

Etiquete -we realize importance of manners and body language  when it come to doing business globally or managing diverse teams. 

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