July 31, 2017

Jil's  Lecture at Amsterdam University of Applied Science. Summer School of Fashion. Subject:  Entrepreneurship in Fashion. 



" Commitment is what transforms promise into reality"

Abraham Lincoln


This is how the founder of Jil's opened her lecture at the fashion summer school in Amsterdam.  Amsterdam University of Applied Science has invited Jil to share her experience and knowledge on Entrepreneurship in the fashion industry. 


The class consisted of students of many different cultures (Asia, west and east Europe, US, Middle East) and educational backgrounds (business, art, law, marketing, philosophy, technology). However, Jil was able to bring them together by emphasizing on what is important for any business to be successful, not only for business in the fashion industry.


By sharing her personal story of leaving the corporate world to pursue passion she made it clear for the students that before you start any business you should know yourself and your passion. 


Jil made the lecture interactive by giving the students the opportunity to share their own passions as well. This way one of her important lessons for the students was to work on awareness and self definition. 


Execution always defines success, work hard, be committed and believe in yourself. 

Besides, these inspiration lessons, Jil gave the students a more practical tool for creating a good business. 


Ten steps which can be the start for writing  a detailed business plan:

1. Understand where you are you as an entrepreneur and where you want to be. 

2. Find your (Brand) authenticity. 

3. Know your customer. 

4. Create a customer empathy map.

5. Know the problem you are trying to solve. Job To Be Done 

6. Create your story: Brand identity, brand mission, vision and DNA.

7. Choose communication tools and channels you want to use to share your story. 

8. Find Suppliers, sourcing and production.

9. Find the right people who are willing to work for you. 

10. Find Mentors.


With this Jil emphasized that it is important to be flexible in any strategy and always listen to your customer. 


Jil completed the lecture by empowering the students: believe in yourself, you can create your own story. 





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Jil's Lecture at Amsterdam University of Applied Science. Summer School of Fashion. Subject: Entrepreneurship in Fashion

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