Jil's Brand Ambassador Program

August 21, 2017

 It's an exciting time at Jil's as the brand launches a Brand Ambassador program to support its expansion strategy and increase Jil's community.


Global cultural diversity and feminine beauty of different cultures have always been in the core of Jil's DNA. Therefore, interest from diverse cultures and markets are appealing to the brand mission and vision.


If you like to be part of this global community, please send your CV to  info@jils.co and subscribe via the form at www.jils.co


For more information visit www.jils.co or email info@jils.co


Here are the reasons why Jil's Ambassador program:


Why the brand ambassador program?

The brand ambassador program is the great way to engage the audience, raise brand awareness and bring messages to the target segment. 


How do I benefit from being a Jil's ambassador?

1. You get a commission on the sales generated 

2. Chance of working on exciting projects, organizing events, showrooms

 3. Exposure to writing on our website or blog on other platforms 


What would I do as a Jil's ambassador?

Ambassadors will serve as brand evangelists within their current network or new connection. As an ambassador, you will have an opportunity to present brand at different events and occasions, write articles on the website or your blog, work on social media strategy and be involved in creative projects. 


Who is the right candidate?

We are looking for a diversity of interests, cultures, age.


 We welcome students or new graduates who want to get exposure and can blog, work on Instagram and FB pages. 

On the other hand, we would love to engage accomplished individuals with the network and expose on a corporate world who are seeking for an exclusive outfit.


Passion for a brand , femininity, elegance is the key for any participant. 


Where do I have to be based?

We are recruiting ambassadors globally. For now, key cities are:


Europe: Amsterdam, Paris, Cannes, Monaco,  London, Berlin

US: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo

Middle East: UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, Israel


You can be based anywhere in the world. We are open to receive proposals from any location. 

This ambassador is a part-time role and doesn't require a full-time commitment.


When does the program start?

It's on the rolling basis. You have to send your CV and a small motivation letter to the email info@jils.co or subscribe on the website www.jils.co. Once we register your interest, we get back to you within five working days with our decision and details of the program. 


We look forward to having you within Jil's community. 





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